About Us

Why uWin?

Charities work tirelessly to change our world for the better, but with so many competing for attention, many will miss their fundraising targets as charity galas, black tie dinners and mass participation events are cancelled due to COVID-19. This leads to cutbacks in services and support which can be offered, often to the most vulnerable and at-risk groups in society.

Traditional online silent auctions are only available to those who can afford the expense, excluding most of us before the auction even begins and making charitable giving inaccessible.

With carefully chosen celebrity and experience partners who can share the cause they have chosen to support with an online uWin campaign, charities can reach larger numbers of bidders than ever before.

Our proven track record in traditional fundraising and silent auctions ensures that we understand and meet the needs of both customers and charities and that all receive the best experience available.

By uniting traditional and modern methods of fundraising, we are uniquely positioned to create a perfectly tailored experience for each and every charity, which appeals to a broad range of audiences.

Furthermore, our fantastic team handles everything from marketing and customer service, to ensuring that your money reaches your chosen charity smoothly. So, once you have placed your bid, you can sit back and relax, knowing that you are in good hands!

We bring charities into the 21st century by using the internet to elevate their fundraising potential and make once-in-a-lifetime experiences accessible to all in the name of a good cause.

An Experienced Team

Founder: Jamie Baulch

Jamie Baulch
Jamie Baulch

Jamie established himself at the top of world class athletics during the 1990s and is without doubt one of GB’s greatest ever 400m sprinters and is still the 400m British Indoor record holder. An Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European medallist he has since transitioned into a successful career as presenter, influencer and motivational speaker. A highly proactive ambassador for several charities he has more recently used his boundless energy, industry knowledge and talent for building relationships to establish a strong and trusted presence in the charity auction business. His first venture, Bid Aid, is growing rapidly into the go-to auction service for UK charities and his passion for transparency, increased inclusivity and income generation has led him to create uWin, a brand new platform for online charity sweepstake-style auctions.

We pride ourselves in our proven ability to understand and provide for the needs and demands of our customers and charities.


So, where does your money go? We want to make sure that as much of the entry fee goes to the charity being supported as possible. After any costs of providing the prize – and we make this zero wherever we can - 80% of the net proceeds of the sweepstake is donated to the charity, and unlike many of our competitors we even cover the marketing costs of the prize campaign!

This model enables every donation to make a huge financial impact. Coupled with the democratisation of the auction to widen the pool of bidders, the charitable impact we can make together is unprecedented!