Ron Pickering Memorial Fund

The charity was founded in memory of Ron Pickering OBE, a teacher, athletics coach and television commentator. Above all, he stood for the ethics of sport, the aspirations of the young and for the belief that sport could enhance lives in more ways than just physically.

The main purpose of his Memorial Fund is to give financial support to talented young athletes between the ages of 15 and 23, with grants to athletes over 23 being made in exceptional circumstances.

The grants are designed to make a difference and range in value depending on the athlete’s age, ability and personal circumstance but have always had an impact on the athlete’s ability to develop and helping recipients make the difficult transition from junior to senior level through support for equipment, specialist coaching or travel and importantly help build the athlete’s confidence and self esteem through recognition.

It is hoped that with this encouragement, the youngsters will continue taking part in sport, reaching their potential, and learning from the ethic of fair play.

The charity also assists coaches, athletic clubs and the Schools Athletics Associations and in the past has supported the development of Sportshall Athletics around the UK in order to introduce more young children to the fun of athletics.

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