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The Film and TV Charity is on an exciting journey. We’re radically redefining the way we support people working behind the scenes in this vibrant sector.

Ambitions for 2024

We have bold ambitions for our work in this world-beating industry. Together, we want to act as a gamechanger by starting with what individuals need, by creating distinct, evidence-based programmes, by being accessible and relevant and by helping to build a more diverse and inclusive industry.
Our dedicated team aims:

For film and TV to be a place where our brilliant and creative industry has ‘great work’, which contributes positively to the mental health of our people, our industry community, and our businesses.

To increase our number of clients tenfold to 4,500 per year
To increase the number of people we support to 10,000 per year
To build a sustainable fundraising model which supports the charity’s growth
Strong core, new innovations
Our charity already delivers financial and emotional support services including our 24/7 Support Line, awards to help people overcome barriers and support their families and travel to work opportunities. While we’re continuing to invest in and develop these core services, we’re also working on new ways to help. We’ll be there – both in times of difficulty and in times of opportunity.

The Looking Glass Earlier this year, The Film and TV Charity commissioned The Looking Glass — UK-first research conducted by The Work Foundation. This focus on life in our industry revealed the extent of a mental health crisis.
We’re more determined than ever to provide proactive support with practical and sustainable interventions.

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