Celia Hammond Animal Trust

Celia Hammond Animal Trust operates throughout London and the South East helping stray, abandoned and unwanted animals.


To provide care and refuge for cats and kittens both feral and domestic and for those animals which on the basis of age, temperament or appearance would not normally be taken in elsewhere
To promote the welfare of animals through example and education
To humanely reduce the population of dogs and cats, both pedigree and mongrel in the UK by neutering, as opposed to the current situation where hundreds of thousands of healthy but unwanted or stray animals are being destroyed simply because there are not enough homes to go around
To provide low cost neuter/vaccination clinics for animals belonging to people on benefit or those unable to afford private veterinary fees
To provide low cost treatment in our clinics for sick/injured animals whose owners do not qualify for help from the major charities but who cannot afford private veterinary fees
To operate a rescue service for animals, both domestic and feral, in emergency situations through calls from the public, local authorities and the police
To provide long and short-term sanctuary accommodation and rehoming facilities for rescued animals
To investigate complaints of cruelty and neglect and to take appropriate action
The Trust has a strict non-destruction policy unless animals are suffering with a terminal illness or are hopelessly injured and beyond any veterinary help.

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