CCFA Africa

Supporting the CCFA (Community Conservation Fund Africa)

The CCFA is an amazing grass-roots charity which has identified a gap in the ecosystem around conservation awareness in communities that share living space with wild animals. They believe that supporting these communities through environmental and economic educational programmes will cultivate community leaders who feel empowered and inspired to change the fate of the planet from one that is driven by greed and a scarcity mindset, to one guided by a unified awareness towards abundance, through sustainability.

The CCFA is committed to identifying rural African communities who have not yet realised their potential to create their own sustainable economies, through driving wildlife management and conservation programs. CCFA educates and empowers local communities so that they can understand that giving back to the planet does not have to be a costly undertaking – just a conscious one.

They are passionate about sharing their dream of Africa which sees a continent that demonstrates pride and respect for its greatest asset – the wildlife.

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