Bocuse d’Or

Created by the late, legendary Paul Bocuse in 1987 to bring together young chefs from all over the world in a revolutionary gastronomy contest, to create an exciting and aspirational event both the chefs and spectators.

The contest has grown hugely and is now shown on TV in most of the 24 countries represented, but despite the outstanding culinary talent in the UK, the country has yet to reach the podium.

By bidding for this prize, you will support Bocuse d’Or Team UK in its mission to take home the coveted trophy in 2021, backing Britain’s ongoing commitment to be recognised as a world leader in gastronomic innovation and inspiring a new generation of young people to enter the profession.

Successful countries benefit from high levels of support for mentoring and training from previous winners and opportunity for the candidates to perfect their cooking. Heightened awareness of the competition and an increase in funding will help bring the goal of reaching the podium within reach. Your support will help achieve it.

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