Kyle Beere Trust

Since Kyle's catastrophic Brain Injury in November 2009, it has been a major struggle to secure the help and support he has constantly needed and recommended for him. He requires a high level of care support, to function on a daily basis.

He has had to relearn basic skills and try to maintain those skills, to have a quality of life. Therapy and care support have never been stable or readily available and has proved a major challenge for him and his family in the past 9 years, since returning home from hospital and rehabilitation.

To keep Kyle's life as pain free as possible and to allow him us much independence as he can get, please take 5 minutes to watch his story, put together in 2016, when therapy access was available in school.

Now Kyle is a young adult, there is even less access to therapy and activities are very limited.

In recent months, Kyle, now 23 years old has been given the opportunity by family, to build a home that can be adapted specifically for his needs and to allow him independence. As part of this, therapy support and access to a pool has always been a critical part of Kyle's daily needs, but access to some very specialist therapy is limited to non-existent in Wales.

We would love your support to enable Kyle to have a heated therapy pool at home to ensure he has engagement in everyday activities, we all take for granted. Money raised will go towards the pool and may also contribute to supporting wider therapies; as well as associated costs of securing this provision, for Kyle to benefit from what we are trying to achieve for him. Your support will help allow this very positive life changing opportunity to become a reality.